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Ticketed Live Events

The Visual Radio Arts team and technology is available for ticketed live performances on Bandcamp –  all recorded and produced in our studio.

Multicam & multitrack recording, stage lighting, monitoring, everything miked up + Final Cut Pro and Pro Tools post production.

A ticketed show is one where the public buy access to the performance – a virtual gig. Ticketed shows help to support the bands reach their fans across the world without the inconvenience of travel, parking and … weather!

In a ticketed show everyone gets a front row seat and no-one is stuck next to the bass bins. And if you’ve got a few beers in the fridge, you save on bar costs too. Shouldn’t really say it, but on a ticketed online gig, 1 ticket provides access to whoever is watching on a laptop or phone, so it can be much cheaper than buying tickets for a physical gig. Of course we would all prefer people to buy 2 tickets if 2 people are going to watch, but …

Those clever clogs at Bandcamp have also made it possible to include a virtual ‘merch’ table on the livestream page with direct links for the public to buy a band’s albums, T-shirts & hats – so plenty of opportunity for additional merch sales, just like a physical gig.

Info for bands – Ticketed shows are produced on a risk share basis with no upfront outlay for the band. The band are provided a guarantee, a fixed amount that they will receive from Visual Radio Arts irrespective of ticket sales, and once the guarantee has been recouped from net ticket sales (the amount left after Bandcamp, PayPal and others have taken their fees), ticket income is split between the band and Visual Radio Arts. As a rule of thumb, a show needs to sell about 50 tickets at about £8.99 per ticket for everyone to benefit.

Just get in touch to discuss the art of the possible.