Hodmadoddery are Steve Henwood & Tony Carter.

‘Hodmadod’ – old English for Snail (or sometimes Scarecrow). Two guys with acoustic guitars, it ís not such a rare thing on the streets or the concert stages of Italy – neither is it rare back home in England. What is rare is such a degree of compatability and mutual understanding in a duo; but this is one of the things that makes Hodmadoddery special. You won’t recognise many of the songs unless you’re well acquainted with the folk traditions of England, Scotland and Ireland.  The core of their long song list is the traditional music of the Celtic countries and the rural parts of England, plus a handful of contemporary songs from those same regions (including the US) that fall happily into the same mood. There are even a small number of Hodmadoddery originals: but why fret over your own compositions when the tradition has better songs? – the art of folk music has always been in the interpretation, and every Hodmadoddery number is one they have made their own. Two voices, solo or in harmony; two guitars also always in harmony (never simple unison), through different tunings and chord inversion.

This Soundcheck performance was recorded on Sat 7th May 2016. The presenters are Sara Vian and John Forde.