South-West England-based James Hollingsworth has a passionate voice and a unique, complex acoustic guitar finger-style, reminiscent of Andalusian guitar, fusing elements of folk, blues, trance, metal and psychedelic rock. Since turning professional in 2006 he’s played numerous festivals, private bookings, folk, acoustic and rock venues nationally. James has supported Nick Harper (twice), Cara Dillon & Hazel O’Connor.

James Hollingsworth performed
1. Just Another Day On The Old Campaign
2. One Saturday
3. Just the Way it is
4. In your own Time
5. Saturn Ruin
6. Some Say

This episode of Soundcheck was recorded on Sat 30th Sept 2017.
Soundcheck is presented by Maggie Gregory.

Sound – Phil Moakes

Cameras – Mags Gregory

Soundcheck is a Visual Radio Arts netcast.
Copyright Visual Radio Arts Ltd 2017.

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