Village Hall Feedback is a UK indie rock band that write and play original songs. Citing influences from the Foo Fighters and Radiohead, right through to Pink Floyd and Rush, they play songs about love, infidelity and white collar criminals.

Village Hall Feedback is Oli Boots (Lead guitar and vocals), Aaron Clarkson (Bass guitar), Dave Clark (Drums) and Pierre Shepard (Guitar and vocals).


  1. Festival Fantasy
  2. Everyone But You
  3. Legal Bank Job
  4. Like A Magnet
  5. Lazy Days
  6. Least Line Of Resistance
  7. Command Prompt
  8. Not An Angel
  9. The World Spins Round

Soundcheck is presented by Sara Vian.

Sound engineering – Phil Moakes

Cameras – Dave Goodman

This Soundcheck session was recorded on Sat Sept 2nd 2017.
Soundcheck is a Visual Radio Arts netcast.
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