“A legend on the Bristol scene, Rita’s songs are an explosion of sexual, religious and social imagery driven by an energy that comes across just as strongly in an acoustic set as when Rita performs with a band.”

Known for her insurmountable stage presence, Rita performs with her three piece band. She’s known for her time spent as guitarist in Bristol Art-Rock band the Blue Aeroplanes. Rita’s accompanying musicians, Mike Youé (bass) and John Langley (drums) remain current members of the Blue Aeroplanes.

Apart from her work in and with bands her music has featured in several films and TV shows.

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This edition of Soundcheck was recorded on Thursday July 13th 2017. It was presented by Alex Hart.




Recorded LIVE at

The Old Fire Station, Frome
Thursday 13th July 2017

Rita Lynch performed

01. Tied To You

02. Junkie

03. Hey You

04. Good To See You

05. Cost Of Living

06. Bleak Heritage

07. Careful

08. Losing

09. Deadline

10. Wild & Free

11. Hope

12. Attention

13. I've Got Your Number

14. The High & Mighty

15. I'm Frightened

16. Heavy

Rita Lynch (Vocals & Guitar)
Mike Youe (Bass)
John Langley (Drums)

Alex Hart

Phil Moakes

Matt Sims

Phil Moakes

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