Electric Fox play live for Visual Radio Arts on Soundcheck. Electric Fox are Joe, Rohan, Veda and Shambo – a 4 piece from Glastonbury/Bath area in the UK. The band plays 8 live tracks and chats to Soundcheck presenter Sara Vian.

Electric Fox are a rock band with fierce tunes and a whole lot of soul. With their hearts worn proudly, these young men invoke an irresistible and vital world of hope, rising through feral and keen melody and rhythm that drives on a knife edge.
From moments of brooding tenderness the music ascends and writhes in an explosion of electric guitar, howling and twisting to uncompromising beats, so full to the brim with movement and feeling that it spills out into the audience, leaving them bouncing off the walls, their feet and hearts pounding.
Lyrical loving infused with a sense of humanity reverberates with a passion and sincerity that looks you in the eye. This is a band that sing their truth. And as the music takes on a life force of its own, Electric Fox want just one thing: to capture your heart and take you for the ride.

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Recorded LIVE at

The Old Fire Station, Frome
Saturday 20th May 2017

Electric Fox performed

01. Ocean Of Love

02. Primary Colours

03. Run Around

04. Rebel Song

05. Gold

06. Five A Day

07. Get The Freedom

08. Don't Go Back

Joe Shepherd (Guitar & Vocals)
Rohan Black (Guitar & Backing Vocals)
Veda Geib Shanley (Drums &Backing Vocals)
Shambo Geib (Bass & Backing Vocals)

Sara Vian

Phil Moakes

Mags Gregory

Phil Moakes

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